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The VMC Worm Hook is the product of 200 years of hook making experience and decades of tournament experience, it features several key innovations that set it apart from other worm hooks on the market. For one, it comes equipped with a line eye that is sealed closed with smooth epoxy resin, which prevents lines from slipping through and also keeps your line from getting damaged unnecessarily. Another trick Ike integrated into the hook that pro's have used for years, is he had the hook point offset by 3-degrees to greatly increase the hooking rate. Designed for all light to medium weight lines, the VMC Worm Hook is perfect for Texas-rigging and Carolina-rigging a variety of soft plastics.

 Hook Size Color Qty
2/0 Black Nickel 6
3/0 Black Nickel 5
4/0 Black Nickel 5
5/0 Black Nickel 5