Teckel Honker

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Extending the line-up of Teckel’s highly successful frogs, the Teckel USA Maracker Frog adds a new level of acoustic and flashing attraction that has never been seen in a hollow body frog before. Equipped with a hybrid rattling blade that is attached by a premium ball bearing swivel, the Teckel USA Maracker Frog produces a very enticing flashing action and a loud rattling sound, similar to a set of maraca’s that calls fish from far and wide.

Delivering versatility as well, the Teckel USA Maracker Frog can be fished through any type of heavy cover where you would throw a traditional hollow body frog and it is also extremely effective across open water. Offered in a range of proven color patterns, the Teckel USA Maracker Frog presents fish with something they have never seen before and is the next evolution in topwater frog lures.