Sufix ProMix Braided Line

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Color: Low-Vis Green

Yards: 300 yds

Built with the input of top level pros, Sufix ProMix Braided Line Lo-Vis Green combines the innate benefits of premium braid with ultra-longevity, buoyancy, and colorfast technology to culminate a quality of braid like no other before. Made from densely braided HMPE Fibers with a high weave count, Sufix ProMix Braided Line Lo-Vis Green provides consistent quality and uniform diameter that increases casting distance and abrasion resistance. The almost zero stretch also offers exceptional lure control, ultimate bite detection, and firm hook setting power. The color injection process used provides two times more colorfast retention than other braided lines on the market as well. Offered in a wide assortment of sizes, Sufix ProMix Braided Line Lo-Vis Green is a multi-purpose braid that excels in freshwater and saltwater applications.

Line Diameter 6lb 10lb 15lb 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 65lb 80lb
Inches .006 .008 .0085 .009 .011 .013 .014 .016 .018
Millimeters .14 .20 .22 .23 .29 .33 .34 .40 .45
Yds 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300