Spearpoint Straight Shank Worm Hooks

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Made with the proven Spearpoint VGrip® technology, the Straight Shank Worm Hooks (SSW) penetrate quickly and deliver solid hook sets. Designed to be versatile for a variety of worming applications, the Spearpoint SSW Hooks are equipped with barbs on the inside and outside of the shank to hold your worm in place as it moves through cover. Ultra-sharp and offered in several sizes, the Spearpoint SSW Hooks increases the productivity and overall effectiveness of any worming application

Spearpoint Performance Hooks will make your competitors envy you!

Qty: 6 Pack


  • Black Nickel Finish
  • Sticky Sharp Piercing Point for rock solid hook sets
  • Patent pending design for ultimate fish holding power
  • Improved hook set
  • Ultimate landing ratios