Berkley Powerbait Slobberknocker Bladed Jigs

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Featuring an innovative head-to-blade connection to eliminate blade breakoffs, the Berkley Powerbait Slobberknocker Bladed Jig offers superior durability and creates an enticing bass-tuned sound profile as the design allows for ample blade to head contact. The smart solution when it comes to fishing bladed jigs, the Slobberknocker provides versatility and ease of use with its ability to deflect off of cover and rip straight through vegetation as the sizeable blade delivers increased flash and water disturbance.

Complete with hand-tied Powerbait silicone skirting material, these bladed jigs are built for long-lasting performance and come infused with an irresistible flavoring that encourages fish to bite and hold on 18x longer. Available in a premium selection of forage matching colorways, the Berkley Powerbait Slobberknocker Bladed Jigs are backed by a stout needlepoint Berkley Fusion19 hooks to afford anglers with the power to grind trophy-bass back to the boat.

Please note: 

-3/8oz actually weighs 16-grams 
-1/2oz actually weighs 19-grams