ARK Gravity 7 Casting Reel

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Designed with Ark's carbon, compact, competition C3 Force drag system, the Ark Gravity 7 Casting Reels adapt to different environments with ease using the smoothest braking curve available under a variety of conditions and settings. Built from an all-metal aluminum alloy frame to reduce weight, the sturdy main structure design is coupled with a carbon fiber side plate for extreme strength and ultra-lightweight handling. The reinforced brass gear system features multi-pass forging and precision machining to improve gear strength and durability with a feather-light spool that brings an amazing strength to weight ratio.

Providing anglers with the ultimate in adjustability for everything from ultra-finesse to heavy-duty flipping presentations, the patented Gravity Control magnetic braking system offers a total of 60 different settings for an effortless casting experience in any situation. Complete with a tapered cone-shaped line guide to effectively reduce friction for long-distance casting, the Ark Gravity 7 Casting Reels deliver added stability and reduce spool vibrations with a free-floating cast control and hyper-smooth transmission gearing.


  • Gravity Control Braking System
  • Floating Cast Control
  • Feather Light Spool
  • Cone-Shaped Line Guide
  • Reinforced Brass Gear
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Hyper Smooth Transmission
  • Carbon Fiber Side Plate
  • C3 Force Drag 
Model Number Hand Retrieve Line Cap Gear Ratio Weight IPT


G7105 RIGHT 12lb/100yds 5.4 7.0oz 21.3 14lb 11
G7105L LEFT 12lb/100yds 5.4 7.0oz 21.3 14lb 11
G7106 RIGHT 12lb/100yds 6.4 7.0oz 25.3 14lb 11
G7106L LEFT 12lb/100yds 6.4 7.0oz 25.3 14lb 11
G7107 RIGHT 12lb/100yds 7.1 7.0oz 28.1 14lb 11
G7107L LEFT 12lb/100yds 7.1 7.0oz 28.1 14lb 11
G7108 RIGHT 12lb/100yds 8.1 7.0oz 32 14lb 11
G7108L LEFT 12lb/100yds 8.1 7.0oz 32 14lb 11

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