13 Fishing Kalon 2.0 Radioactive Spinning Reel

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Don’t let your hard-won tournament cash be the only green thing in your boat, the 13 Fishing Kalon RP Spinning Reels adds a Radioactive splash of color to your favorite spinning setup. Perfect for the angler that isn’t shy about letting everyone know they are hooked into a big one, the Kalon RP features a nuclear pickle-themed colorway that can be seen from across the lake and beyond. More than just powerful looks, they are also designed, constructed, and tested to ensure they are ready to do battle with the baddest predators your fishery has to offer and turn the odds in your favor.

Built to get you to with winner’s podium and let everyone know you’re doing it, the 13 Fishing Kalon RP Spinning Reels bright exterior is equally matched by powerhouse componentry under the hood. 13 Fishing’s Glide Oscillation and 6-Bearing Systems combine to deliver silky-smooth performance every time you cast a line. In addition to their polished feel when casting and reeling, they also pack a punch that would make Hulk jealous with their CNC cut Z Cast Drive Gear and Performance Drag System that work in tandem to slow down surging bass. Promising hot looks and hotter performance, the 13 Fishing Kalon RP Spinning Reels are a glowing addition to spinning arsenals everywhere.


  • 5.2:1 Gear Ration
  • Glide Oscillation
  • Z Cast Drive Gear with Precision CNC Cut
  • Performance Drag
  • 6 Bearing System
  • Instant Stop Anti-Reverse
  • Sealed Rotor and Handles